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WKPA is a not for profit, non discriminatory, social organization dedicated to promoting a positive image of the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender community residing in Western Kentucky.

It is our hope that through our community activism and the production of local GLBT pride events we can educate the general population and remove the stigma that is so prevelent in our community.

Fear and hatred have no place in America's culture!

The contents of this site are managed by WESTKYPRIDE of Hopkinsville Kentucky USA. WKPA is a not for profit social organization promoting a positive in the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender communities of Western Kentucky and North Central Tennessee. Membership is open to all who share  similar values. The term s Western Kentucky Pride Association, Stonewall Picnic, and the Mr & Miss Stonewall Pageant are TM. terms relating to events sponsored by this group and may not be used without permission from the trademark holder except tp promote the organization or it events in a positive light. For advertising or sposorship opportunities please see the Sponsors and Advertise with us pages of this site. To report problems with this site please contact the webmaster at E_Mail Webmaster
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